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Ian Keali'i Custino

Liʻiliʻi manu ʻai laiki, akamai i ka hana pūnana.” 

Small is the rice bird, but an expert in nest building. - Pukui 1995 

No matter how small we may feel our contribution is, we each have an important part to play in the betterment of the world around us.

We can't do it alone, but TOGETHER we can!

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'O wai lā 'oe? Who you?

Ian grew up between Kapa’a, Kaua’i where his parents lived and Pālolo, O’ahu where his grandparents lived. He is the eldest of seven and is currently working on completing his PhD dissertation in Psychology, with an emphasis on Industrial & Organizational Psychology. Ian specializes in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, change management and program evaluation.


Ian has over 17 years of project management experience with portfolios spanning the public health, property management and education sectors. Ian was key in creating and managing the Hawai’i Smoke-Free Homes Initiative for the Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawai’i, which is the statewide companion initiative to the workplace smoking ban law implemented in Hawai’i in the early 2000s. He owned and operated a successful Property Management company that managed Condo Associations on O’ahu and oversaw multi-million dollar commercial projects like elevator upgrades, spall remediation and plumbing retrofits. Ian has managed Statewide community projects for the Department of Health, multiple nonprofit agencies and most recently for Kamehameha Schools in the Community Engagement Division. Ian is currently a senior partner in the private consulting practice, TWeC - Together We Can Hawai’i.


Ian is active in the community, serving almost 20 years in the City’s Emergency Management Reserve Corps, responding to large-scale and mass-casualty disasters. Ian is an active member of a host of Native Hawaiian community organizations including as Vice Chair of the King Kamehameha Celebration Commission, Vice President of the Wahīikaʻahuʻula Chapter of Hale O Nā Aliʻi O Hawaiʻi, board member at Prince Kūhiō Hawaiian Civic Club and at the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce.


Primary Consulting Areas: Change Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Program Evaluation.


General Areas: Business & Non-profit Administration, Strategic Planning, Leadership Building, Corporate Training, Group Facilitation, Grant Writing.


Iʻm here to help you get it done. Projects big or small, we do it all.   Let's connect!

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Shane M. Lee

"He iʻa no ka pāpaʻu, he loaʻa wale i ka hopu lima; he iʻa no ka hohonu, noho i ka ʻeaʻea." 

Fish of the shallows are easy to catch with the hands; but fish of the depths keep the fisherman wet with sea sprays. - Pukui 613

We must strive beyond the ordinary. TOGETHER we can accomplish the extraordinary!

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'O wai lā 'oe? Who you?

Shane was born and raised in Mililani, Oahu with deep roots in agriculture and the ocean.  He is the eldest of two and has a vast knowledge of and experience in agriculture, water, wastewater and environmental remediation projects.


Shane is a project management professiona with over 22 years of management experience in a wide range of closely related fields including small scale to corporate level farming, drinking water, wastewater & irrigation water management.  Shane also has specialized expertise in environmental remediation projects involving groundwater extraction, treatment and disposal. He was a co-owner and senior project manager of a Hawaiʻi-based property management company that managed construction projects, upgrades, major repairs and day-to-day operations of condominium associations.


While managing a large agricultural irrigation water system serving 4,000 acres of prime farmland of Central Oahu in 2018, Shane encountered one of the most notable challenges of his career.  An unexpected, simultaneous and catastrophic failure of plantation-era water sources that left thousands of acres of commercial farmlands and their crops without water.  As a result of his expertise and experience, Shane was able to get the planning, regulatory approvals and infrastructure in place to successfully provide a backup water source (recycled water from Schofield Barracks) to the farmers before any major losses were suffered. This project is now one of the largest and most notable recycled water systems in the State of Hawaiʻi.


Shane has been very active in the community with over 20 years of service as a volunteer Deputy Corrdinator with the Department of Emergency Management, and on the Board of Directors for Waikīkī Surf Club. Shane now enjoys his time on the water deep sea fishing, and helping to provide fresh fish for friends, family, and those in need.


How can we help you get your important work done?

Let's connect.

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