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Our Services

Our primary service is working with you to get the job done. We are results-oriented professionals that strive to make it as easy as possible to work together to help you do the work you do!

Strategic Planning

Whether your business is just starting and you want to do a deep dive into longterm planning or it is time for annual realignment to mission, we can help you through the process. From data-driven outcomes alignment to project planning, we have the expertise and experience to help.

Stakeholder Engagement

It is not always easy to engage with stakeholders when you are busy serving them. Our team can work with you to engage stakeholders in meaningful engagement that contributes to capacity building, relationship building, data & customer service, and strategic planning.

Ag Operations & Administration

Every industry comes with it's own unique set of job requirements, management approaches and scopes of work. Our team has expertise in the field of agriculture and farming operations that can provide assistance for small Ag and large Ag operations alike. 

Emergency Management

Planning for and managing emergencies, particularly large scale natural disasters is an after thought for most businesses. We can assist with basic disaster prep, response and recover training for employees as well as advanced planning for long term continuity of operations. 

Office Administration

Sometimes the day-to-day operations can bog you down and gets in the way of the real work. We can handle the day-to-day business and logistics, so you can work directly with your customers and stakeholders doing the work you got in business to do in the first place.

Project Management

We will lead project teams and projects for you or provide project management support on a team with you - whatever your specific needs. Managing projects comes with an understanding of managing people and teams. We have the experience to help you do that.

Training & Development

We can help you identify training needs, plan and implement training and professional development as well as evaluate their effectiveness with your team(s).

Program Evaluations

Program evaluations are not only useful for determining your the effect of your programs for your target population, but the data can assist with grant writing and professional development for your team. Our team can help your team grow its programing and professional development through data and assessment.

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